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Our Process

Our process starts with an in-depth 90-minute meeting called a Life & Legacy Planning Session. We do this via Google Meet or in person at our office in Tyson's Corner.

The most important key to a successful meeting is your completion of the Life & Legacy Inventory. The Inventory must be completed at least 3 days prior to your Life & Legacy Planning Session.

The Life & Legacy Planning Session gives us a basis for the design of your Life Fulfillment Plan (Estate Plan). You will choose the estate planning package design that makes the most sense for your situation and best fits your budget. You will have peace of mind, knowing that no matter what comes your way, you have a solid estate plan that will direct your wealth and wellbeing, and the wealth and wellbeing of those you love.

Upon completion of the Life & Legacy Planning Session, we will book our review and signing meeting. During the signing meeting we review all of your newly created estate planning documents and discuss how they work. I will answer any questions and you will sign all of your estate planning documents to make them valid. I will scan the executed documents and provide you with an organized binder containing your personalized Life Fulfillment Plan  (Estate Plan). We will also discuss any of the intangible assets that you would like to leave behind and create a video documenting the non-monetary things that you want to preserve.

Estate planning is not a one and done scenario. We keep in touch with you to make sure that as your life changes, your estate plan is kept up to date. We encourage you to reach out if there is a death, marriage, birth, retirement, relocation, or any other major life changes.

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